Well, well, well. What do we have here?


Soo. . . I forgot I had a blog. I do recall stating something back when I first started a blog about not being very good at posting. See? I did not lie or disappoint!

What do I have to say today? Nothing much. I’m currently suffering from a terrible cold. Even my bones are aching. Yuck! I hate being sick! I just got off from working a 24-hour shift on the ambulance (and I have to go back for another 24 hours tomorrow). Let me tell you, that is doubly no fun when sick! Taking care of the sick when you’re sick? Ugh! It’s rough.

OK. Enough talk about being sick.

It’s almost March! YES! I’m so sick of seeing snow and being cold! Northern Michigan isn’t known for its balmy winter climate so I am super excited about the prospect of warm breezes and green grass!

I’ve been working on the sequel to The Chronicles of Winterset, Oracle. It’s called The Chronicles of Winterset, Wildfire. I planned on a March 14th release, but. . . well, probably not going to happen. I’m thinking I may push the date back until the end of March or the beginning of April. Sorry. I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t been able to get it as finely tuned as I’d like. The book is written. I swear it is. I just have two minor things I need to fix before I send it off to my editor.

In addition to Wildfire, I’m also working on Emissary of the Devil. That book is proving trickier than I had anticipated. It’s been difficult to write. I’m not sure if I’m just tired from writing so much, if I’m having a word block in my head, or if I just need to be inspired (or maybe a combination of all three), but I’m stuck. And it needs to be completed in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! GAH! Talk about pressure and stress. Not cool. I’m trying, though.

First things first–I need a nap!

I’ll try to post more. I should be aiming at one post a week. Eh, I get sidetracked.





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