Greetings From the Other Side. . . Of the Room!

So. . .

I keep saying I’ll update this blog. I keep saying I will work my hump off to keep writing on it. And yet, I have done nothing of the sort. To be honest, I don’t ever really have anything to say. Today, I will try. A little. Here we go!

News. News. News.

Er, I finished writing Emissary of the Devil: Testimony of the Damned. I’ll probably release it on Kindle and all those digital do-dads sometime in June. I finished writing Wildfire, the sequel to The Chronicles of Winterset: Oracle (which you can purchase on Amazon right now!). I don’t have a release date set for that. It needs to be edited. I’m a writer, not an editor! I just scribble down words and hope to Hades I have them in a somewhat coherent… manner? Sentence? Straight line? I don’t know. I have a massive migraine right now. My words are sort of stuck in my head.

Here’s the cover for Emissary. Fancy, eh?

thumbnail_Custom Book Cover KG 3 Draft 3

I’m currently working on For Ever (yes, it’s two words!) and The Oddworld Files. When my brain starts to hurt from those two, I work a bit on The Coyote Council, a vampire series (yeah, yeah, yeah, vampires. Mine are way cool, though).

For Ever is a book/series about a girl who can see the dead. You know, ghosts ‘n stuff. This is not the cover. It’s just a teaser. I am aiming for an October 2017 release.



Oddworld is about a green-eyed dragon shifter prince on the run from the Brigade, a dark army intent on capturing him and using his powers for shady stuff. I’m aiming for a late fall/early winter 2017 release.

green eyes

I’d tell you more, but I’ve been tasked with being a super secret keeper of my own words. Plus, I’m still working on both stories.

The Chronicles of Winterset: Wildfire is sitting on my laptop being cool. Taking up space. Just chillin’. While I haven’t set a firm release date on it, I’m going to attempt a summer 2017 release. This is the cover. Yay!


I tend to just write without a clear goal in mind. I don’t plan out my stories. They just sort of happen. I write what I’ve seen in my dreams, what I’ve thought, what I wish. Meh. You know how it is–if you can’t live in that world, then create it so you can!

That’s the news! And, as always, I will try to update more often. Or, you could simply follow me on Facebook. Maybe I should do instagram. . . I take pictures. Sometimes.

Also, I super suck at Twitter.


And no, my house doesn’t look like a crypt inside (surprisingly).  A lot of folks ask me that. However, plants can’t survive within the walls of my home. I have a black thumb. They die within the week. We all have skills–mine just include killing plants.

Here I am being vanilla AF. In a cemetery. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois to be exact.

Seriously, I’m done. Peace!





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