My Book is Releasing in a Few Hours!

Emissary of the Devil: Testimony of the Damned releases tomorrow! I worked on writing this book for about two weeks straight. I started the story about two years ago, but I never really got around to finishing it. I had started working on other stories and Emissary just took a backseat for a while. I released The Chronicles of Winterset: Oracle then proceeded to write The Chronicles of Winterset: Wildfire (which I haven’t released yet). Between all this, I dabbled in other stories. One day, I was going through books on my laptop and saw Emissary so I read through it. . . and absolutely hated it. Angry that Brax wasn’t getting the attention he deserved, I buckled down and rewrote the book. . . multiple times.

I’m one of those folks who is never satisfied. A book could be PERFECTION, but in my mind, there’s always something I could make better (so how is that perfection? And thus, the struggle). I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to writing and revisions.

Anyway, all that aside, Emissary is coming out tomorrow and can be purchased on! The Chronicles of Winterset: Oracle is also available there as well! I’d repost the blurb and link on Emissary, but it’s already posted on the previous blog I wrote yesterday. I think it was yesterday. . . my days sort of swirl into one big cluster sometimes.

Now that Emissary is releasing, I’m moving on to write a story called Gunny Perkins: /nerd. I’m pretty excited to write it since it’s out of my genre. I tend to stick with fantasy novels. Gunny is a YA comedy about a nerd just trying to get it right, whatever “it” is. In addition to working on /nerd, I’m also working on For Ever (yes, two words), a story about ghosts and totally scary stuff (which is more my speed!).

I do plan on releasing the sequel to Emissary of the Devil: Testimony of the Damned. It’s called Emissary of the Devil: Gospel of the Divine. I started it, but Gunny is taking over my head right now. Plus, I want Testimony to get some alone time for a bit!

This entire post feels a bit incoherent and scattered. I’m just getting over a wicked little flu bug that left my throat feeling like I was swallowing razor blades. I’m so exhausted! I’m having this internal struggle of wanting to work on Gunny or For Ever, but there’s this nagging little voice in my head that is screaming for me to rest since I’m exhausted and have to work a twenty-four-hour shift tomorrow (yuck, right?).

The early reviews for Emissary are great (so far!). That makes me super excited to know that there are folks out there who enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I must be going. The nagging voice is winning! I must sleep!


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