When the Lost Have a Voice: An UNEDITED excerpt from my next book!



This is an UNEDITED excerpt from my next series called For Ever. Want to keep up to date on all my weird-doings? Follow me (just not home)!








            “She doesn’t know!”

            “They’ll come for her, and then she’ll help!”

            “Ever, I’m stuck in your closet! Come let me out!”

            “She’s lying, Ever! Come help me! I’m under your bed! If you don’t help me, I’ll grab your feet the next time you stand too close!”

            “Stop it!” I shouted, covering my ears and losing my balance. I fell to the floor with a heavy thump, the air escaping my lungs leaving me gasping painfully.

“Ever?” Nina burst into my room and ran to my side. “Oh my God! What do I do? Should I call your mom?”

“Give me my pain pills,” I groaned out, my ribs aching, my ankle and arm screaming at me, the voices getting louder, the voices only I seemed to be able to hear. I covered my ears and rocked back and forth on the floor, tears streaming down my face.

“Exactly like her father! The pills won’t silence us forever!”

            “The alcohol might,” another voice added miserably. “It worked for him!”

            “Shit,” I groaned, grabbing the bottle from Nina’s hand and downing two of the pills without bothering to ask for a glass of water. Nina stared wide-eyed at me.

“Ever—those are really strong. Do you think you should have taken two of them?” She sounded worried, her blue eyes wavering.

“Water, please,” I croaked out, ignoring her worries. A pill felt like it was stuck in my throat. Nina grabbed a bottle of water from my nightstand and handed it to me. I drank down half of it, breathless, before passing it back to her. She helped me to sit up, and I almost leaned against my bed until I remembered what the voice had said about being under it.

I got to my feet with her help, the voices starting to fade away, and I wiped at my sweating brow.

“Nina, can you bring my pillow and blanket out to the living room? I think I’ll sleep out there tonight.” My voice shook as I tried to rake in oxygen.

“Sure,” she nodded moving to the edge of my bed and grabbing my pillow. I let out a scream as a blackened hand reached out from beneath my bed and swiped at her bare legs, its nails broken and jagged, blood covering what wasn’t already black with decay. It went right through her without her batting a lash.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, her face displaying how worried she was. “Ever! What’s wrong?”

“I-I gotta get out of here. I-I can’t-,” I stumbled backward, catching myself on the edge of my dresser. A set of dark eyes peered out at me from beneath the bed, a growl emanating from its twisted, bleeding lips.

“Ever, wait!” Nina rushed at me and steadied me as I faltered back a step, my gaze locked with the being peering out at me from under my bed. Clearly, she couldn’t hear the voices or see the creature glaring at me, something that made me feel even crazier if that were possible.

“I’ll wait for you,” it hissed before backing away to the shadows beneath the bed—the very place I knew was home to more than just that monster.

“G-get me out of here, Nina,” I choked out. Nina did as I commanded, steering me to the doorway of my bedroom but not before I noticed my closet door creak open and a hand reach around the door jam, its fingernails tapping as if letting me know it too would wait.


For Ever will be available Fall 2017!


Want to read more of my work? Emissary of the Devil is available now by clicking this link:


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