I FINALLY had a breakthrough on For Ever, the next book I’m working on! Come, read what the series title is going to be!

This feels a little bit like my diary–only I don’t tell you about the boy I’m crushing on or how my bff really pissed me off by my locker at lunch.

Instead, I write ridiculously “short” bits about my books. Today, I’m going to share with you the series title to my next bunch of books! Yay! Totally exciting, right? Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, if you’re still here, then I know you’re at least a little bit curious. So, let’s do this! /chest bumps randies enthusiastically on the interwebs!

My next series is called. . .(I’m drumrolling here!)

Among the Dead

Woooooooooooooooooooo! /fist pump /screams in excitement /fangirls all over /swoon

Ok. Ok. Ok. I get it. It’s a little exciting but not enough to go hog wild over. That’s cool. I’m still going to be over here dancing. . .poorly.

The first book in the series is called Among the Dead: For Ever

For Ever? What Huh say wat?

Yes, I intended for it to be two words. Ever Torres is the main character in the story. It’s partially based on a true story. Then again, most of my stories are 😉 Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Anywaaaay, For Ever is the first installment in the Among the Dead series, a series that chronicles the world of the Specials–humans that have special abilities. Some can shapeshift, some can start fires with their minds, some can hum The Beach Boys three octaves higher than the average person (just kidding. . .or am I?!).

I “plan” on releasing the first book from Among the Dead in October. “Plan” being the key word here. I also “planned” on releasing Wildfire, the sequel to The Chronicles of Winterset: Oracle in the Spring. Aaaand it’s still sitting on my laptop. So, yeah. I wanted to release in October because it’s my favorite month. I am a Halloween-head. I live for Halloween. Among the Dead is super creepy. I figured it’s the perfect time to release it!

Oh, here’s a teaser!

ever teaser 1

I will be working on a book trailer for it. I’ll post up a link to watch it once it’s ready! And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! /more drumrolling! The drumroll intensifies. It’s louder. . .louder. . .LOUDER!

And, here we gooooo!

My Facebook fanpage:


My Twitter:


My super generic, but very sexy website where you can find all the latest information on my books:


Want to check out what all the hype is about on Emissary of the Devil? Wait, you haven’t heard? It’s pretty freakin’ sweet! Go check it out!

There’s even a FREE PREVIEW! Honestly, there must be, but I’ve never clicked the button to find out. Maybe you should. . .

Want to check out a romantical swirly-do fae story? The Chronicles of Winterset: Oracle is now available!

There also appears to be a free preview. Again, I’ve never clicked the button!

Also, before I get up outta here, I’m currently seeking folks to join my street team! What are the rewards? Well, you get to be part of my review team! You’ll get ARCs of my books! You’ll be able to review and read them before release! How sweeee-ta is that? Interested?

Come join the fun!


Did you manage to get through this blog entry? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you! Tell me in the comment section below about yourself!

And with that final bit of information, I bid you farewell! May all your book adventures be worth the Kindle Unlimited fee! 😀 😛 😉


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